Food court open-air

Every morning I am passing this food court beside the gate of the office complex where I work. This time I was wearing a camera.

With a few colleagues we decided to take some photos after work of the life around that food court. During the day this place is quite busy. Even after 5pm there still was a lot of customers getting their roti roll, a cold softdrink, a hot tea or stocking up their cigarettes. At this time of the year the sun sets around 6pm which means that we could make use of the golden hour where the sun throws a warm light on everything.


We somehow attracted quite some attention both at the shop vendors and the customers. Apparently, nobody ever has taken any photos there before. But the good thing is that almost everyone was friendly and did not mind their pictures taken. 


On a technical note: I wanted to try out zone focussing again at f11, so that I don't lose nice motives due to manual focusing. Since I was not sure if the ambient light would be enough, I triggered a Nikon flash with a wireless radio transmitter on my M9 to fill in some light. This definately requires some more practice to gain more experience. It was fun and I will explore it further.


Hope you enjoy the pictures,



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