The streets of Tokyo

Tokyo has been on my list for a long time and now I got the chance to visit this amazing city.

When I think of Tokyo, a lot of cliches come to my mind. And most of them seem to be true. The victory sign is omnipresent and so are school uniforms.


Either everyone is on the move...


... or people are using the metro ride for a power nap.


On the weekends, you can see gatherings in the park for picnic. This group was very friendly, they even offered me rice-balls and beer, very delicious. Domo arigato gozaimasu - どうもありがとうございました.


The food is second to none, everything is getting prepared fresh right in front of you.


Sometimes you still see japanese women dressed in traditional kimonos.


Or you run into other photographers. This guy from USA had two medium format cameras, a Rolleiflex and a Hasselblad. We ended up chatting a bit, which was very interesting.


This house is part of the emperor's palace right in the middle of Tokyo.


The athmosphere in Tokyo, the lights, the food, everything is breathtaking. Trains leave on time and streets are clean. Thousands of people are moving around like ants, but there seems to be an order in all this chaos. This trip to Tokyo delivered much beyond my expectations. I hope to come back one day.


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