Bye Bye Exhibition at C/O Berlin

I am really excited. Three of my photos made it on the walls of C/O Berlin, one of Europe’s finest photography museums.

C/O Berlin celebrated its final night at the legendary Postfuhramt building. And this is not just any place. C/O Berlin was venue for the Leica May 10 event last year. Everyone expected Leica to launch their new M10 rangefinder camera, but instead Leica surprised the photography world with a new M Monochrom. A camera only for black and white.

But that was then and this is now.


So, C/O Berlin had to move out after 13 years being the city’s favorite photography institution. Not without one final night with celebration. The EyeEm crew had a brilliant idea. They "kicked off a photo mission upon the topic Bye Bye, asked the worldwide EyeEm community to contribute their photos and prepared for the exhibition to be shown to the world on March 9 2013."

It's kind of crazy, when you really think about it: one photo from Paris, one photo from Tokyo and one from Delhi. Uploaded via EyeEm app in Delhi, put up on a wall in my hometown Berlin. How great is that?!

Here you can see the full-sized panorama of the exhibition. Read the whole story here. And if you don't know yet EyeEm, you definately should visit their web page.


Thanks EyeEm, for this fantastic exhibition. What a great idea and great execution. I wish I could have been there. Bye Bye, C/O Berlin.




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    Khris (Monday, 18 March 2013 01:29)

    Wow! Those are some really great pictures and CONGRATULATIONS on your skills been put up on the 'walls' :-)
    wishing you all the more success in the days to come!

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    Frank Stelzer (Monday, 18 March 2013 09:18)

    Thank you, Khris. Glad, you like them.