Korea's China Town

There is only one official China Town in Korea. It's located in the town of Incheon, near the subway station, taking an hour give or take from Seoul.

I recently started shooting with film again. The last time must have been more than 10 years ago with a 35mm Pentax. This time I wanted to go for a bit more film real estate and chose the Mamiya 6 which uses 120mm roll film.

I am quite happy with the overall experience. I find the Mamiya 6 very portable for a Medium Format rangefinder camera. It has a nice grip for holding it easily and the leaf shutter in the lens allows quite long shutter speeds without motion blur compared to SLRs. The shutter is so quiet that you hardly notice it. Perfect for street photography. 

The following photos have been taken with Kodak Porta 160 film, developed and scanned by a local lab in Seoul.


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